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Strandbeest design by Theo Jansen

Strandbeest design sketch by Theo Jansen

Ever since I first saw this guy in a car commercial, I’ve been addicted to his videos! Theo Jansen has constructed beach creatures, called Strandbeests, from electrical tubing and soda bottles. He believes he has designed a new life form. He is teaching them to protect themselves from wind and water and is training them to potentially move sand to fight erosion. Makes my weekend activities seem rather dull…


Rose Polenzani, Cambridge, Somerville, Boston, musician

Rose Polenzani's gets support for her new album online

Some artists are finding a way to use new mediums to raise money for their art. Rose Polenzani is recording her album with a little help from her fans, friends and neighbors. This is essentially a CSA for music. You can contribute to her latest album at three levels, or pre-order the album to support its recording. Great idea!