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recycled lightbulb vase

Hate throwing out lightbulbs? Ever wonder what to do with them? This awesome lightbulb terrarium can be bought on Etsy from EGarden Studio. What a cool way to brighten your office!


recycled and upcycled wine barrel chair

I love this. So you have an old wine barrel and you don’t know what to do with it… well, someone does. This awesome chair from Uncommon Goods is one of the neatest “reuse” chairs I have seen in some time and it is upcycling at its best!

mysterious paper sculptures in scotland

That’s right, this is about a mystery — during the course of the last year, several amazing paper sculptures have been left at libraries in Scotland. Because it is unknown who is the gift-giver/artist, this fun and unexpected episode is being called a “reverse heist”.

To the artist: Thank you and please keep your identity and motives a mystery for as long as you can. We know too much about most things these days — sometimes it is nice to be left wondering.

 I may not be able to understand every word, but I am very inspired by this man! He makes dozens of toys from trash. If you have young ones, this can be the source of great fun for them – including building a simple motor for 5 cents (plus the cost of a battery). Gather your toothpicks, bicycle tubes, straws, clothes pins and more…

house sculpture from pencil graphite

If you haven’t seen the work of Dalton Ghetti yet, you are in for a treat. This talented artist sculpts out of pencil graphite – yeah, that’s right, the tiny post that used to be made out of lead. Once a pencil has been used down to a small piece (the part we usually throw out), he gets to work. He has made little houses, a bust of Elvis, a hammer, a chair… so cool!

Oh and today is my birthday. So, Dalton… can I have one?

Just kidding…

(But, really… can I?)

recycled card ornaments

This is the time of year when there is an onslaught of holiday cards. And after receiving about a kajillion of them, we toss them!

What if we didn’t? What if we made ornaments, a la Martha Stewart?

Before I die by Candy ChangI haven’t seen anyone battle neighborhood blight in such a creative way as Candy Chang with her “before I die” project. With the owner’s permission, she designated a wall on an abandoned house as a chalk board. She spray painted lines on it for passersby to write what they want to do before they die. Some answers are simple, some are fun, some are inspirational and others are heartbreaking.

What an amazing project.

sheep from recycled telephonesThis image made me smile. It is from an exhibit at the Museum of Communications in Frankfurt, Germany.

I just remember how heavy these darn phones were. Comedian, Louis C. K., in one of his skits talked about how he hated people with zeros in their phone numbers because it took so long to dial them (you have to have had one of these in your house to get that one.)

suitcase drum from Session AmericanaWhat do you do with an old suitcase? Well, the drummer from Session Americana has a base drum made from one. This is not the only drum suitcase I have ever seen – but it is the coolest.

Holding on to Myself by Peter Callesen

Peter Callesen creates sculptures from a blank sheet of paper.

If your office is like most, you end up with a stack of copy paper that can no longer be used in the copier. Peter Callesen shows us that your stack of scrap can be like a block of marble for Michelangelo. Callesen “liberates” people and plants and buildings from the confines of the blank page with his innovative paper sculptures. Thank you for making us rethink scrap paper uses!