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recycled lightbulb vase

Hate throwing out lightbulbs? Ever wonder what to do with them? This awesome lightbulb terrarium can be bought on Etsy from EGarden Studio. What a cool way to brighten your office!


recycled and upcycled wine barrel chair

I love this. So you have an old wine barrel and you don’t know what to do with it… well, someone does. This awesome chair from Uncommon Goods is one of the neatest “reuse” chairs I have seen in some time and it is upcycling at its best!

 I may not be able to understand every word, but I am very inspired by this man! He makes dozens of toys from trash. If you have young ones, this can be the source of great fun for them – including building a simple motor for 5 cents (plus the cost of a battery). Gather your toothpicks, bicycle tubes, straws, clothes pins and more…

In this amazing short movie, we meet Solar Demi who lights up dark homes in a poor community using empty soda bottles. That’s right – discarded plastic bottles provide great light for the residents of Sitio Maligaya in the Philippines. This morning we salute Solar Demi for turning trash into the gift of light.

Odyssey Suspension Light from IQ Environments

The Odyssey Suspension Light from IQ Environments is made from recycled beer bottles.

IQ Environments has created the Odyssey Suspension Light which is made from recycled beer bottles. The shape is based on a fire hydrant lid that the designer found after 9/11. He hopes to use a portion of the proceeds to benefit the 9/11 Museum. Art made from the community, that reflects the community.