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mysterious paper sculptures in scotland

That’s right, this is about a mystery — during the course of the last year, several amazing paper sculptures have been left at libraries in Scotland. Because it is unknown who is the gift-giver/artist, this fun and unexpected episode is being called a¬†“reverse heist”.

To the artist: Thank you and please keep your identity and motives a mystery for as long as you can. We know too much about most things these days — sometimes it is nice to be left wondering.

Holding on to Myself by Peter Callesen

Peter Callesen creates sculptures from a blank sheet of paper.

If your office is like most, you end up with a stack of copy paper that can no longer be used in the copier. Peter Callesen shows us that your stack of scrap can be like a block of marble for¬†Michelangelo. Callesen “liberates” people and plants and buildings from the confines of the blank page with his innovative paper sculptures. Thank you for making us rethink scrap paper uses!