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recycled and upcycled wine barrel chair

I love this. So you have an old wine barrel and you don’t know what to do with it… well, someone does. This awesome chair from Uncommon Goods is one of the neatest “reuse” chairs I have seen in some time and it is upcycling at its best!

Concrete succulent table

Concrete succulent table from Five Feet From the Moon

I saw a spectacular table from Five Feet From the Moon. I found their website and discovered even more! These tables are made with concrete tops and double as planters with live plants as embedded centerpieces… so cool!

revision table from artists for humanity in boston

The Revision Table from Artists for Humanity in Boston uses old magazines and junkmail.

Tired of getting junkmail? Yeah – me, too. Well, this Revision Table from the Artists for Humanity in Boston uses that junk and makes it more beautiful than the senders of junkmail ever could have envisioned. What a great reuse of our junk!


skate wall by skate study house

Skate Wall by Skate Study House uses what

Having navigated the streets around my grandparents’ house as a kid, with one leg on the board and one swiping the ground, I thought this room divider by Skate Study House was pretty darn cool. Want to separate your home office from the den or bedroom, but still allow light to pass through?


Spoon Lounge from Vivavi

Spoon Lounge from Vivavi

Ever wonder if there is a good use for the weeds that you pull in your garden? This Spoon Lounge by Vivavi uses vines that compete with tree roots for nutrients. Those vines are wrapped around a steel frame. It is eco friendly and it looks pretty darn neat!


Suitcase Chair by REcreate

Katie Thompson invites us to sit in our suitcases.

Once again, I found myself saying, “holy crap – why didn’t I think of that?!?!” This time it was Katie Thompson of REcreate‘s fault. She makes beautiful furniture from old suitcases, soda bottles and typewriters, amongst other items. She even has lamps made from booze bottles – Katie, let me know if you need help emptying those…