recycled license plate belt buckleWhen was the last time you war a car part as a fashion piece? Artist Steven Shaver is selling a recycled license plate belt buckle on Etsy. It is truly a creative use of an old piece of trash and, well, it looks just great!


Anne HeatonIf you haven’t gotten a look at Kickstarter yet, dig in! This great service allows artists, filmmakers, musicians and entrepreneurs to raise money for their projects.

Right now Anne Heaton is raising money for her latest studio album. You can contribute as little as $1 or you can get a signed copy of the album for $25 or contribute $1000 to get multiple copies and your own house concert. What a great way to get involved!

boston charity community servingsSo, I may be taking advantage of a current important news story with this punny title… but, it’s for a good cause. Community Servings is an important organization that helps to feed very ill and homebound people in the Greater Boston area.

This organization did something very creative to help generate pie sales to raise money: they made it into a contest. Pie sellers compete to see who can sell the most pies… and, in the interest of full disclosure, I am one of them. So…

If you live in the Greater Boston area you can buy a pie for $25 to enjoy for Thanksgiving and help me win!

suitcase drum from Session AmericanaWhat do you do with an old suitcase? Well, the drummer from Session Americana has a base drum made from one. This is not the only drum suitcase I have ever seen – but it is the coolest.

recycled glass vasesI never would have guessed that you could design something by only gently changing it from its original shape. Well, these recycled glass vases from Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden are… well… perfect!

recycled earrings on etsyThese beautifully simple recycled earrings say all you need to say. Made by Betsy and Stephen Carr of Asheville, North Carolina, you can buy them online at the Foundling store on Etsy.

Bjork's latest album biophiliaI should never be surprised when I am surprised by Bjork (confused? stick with me for a second). Once again, the Icelandic songstress has blurred the lines of music, art and technology.* If you have an iPad or an iPhone, Bjork has released an app that is an integral part of Biophilia, her latest album. Navigate the album’s solar system – participate in the songs’ sounds. Play games based on the lyrics. This is a great new place to take music. Thank you, Bjork!

*If you are new to Bjork or have been scared off by her bizarre costumes or behavior, give her another try. Stop thinking of her as just a pop musician. See her as an artist trying to paint with everything – her voice, her hair, her clothes, her instruments…

recycled plastic birdhouseThis adorable birdhouse from Loll is made from recycled plastic! On their site they quote a Chinese proverb: A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.

Well, sing birdie, sing!

egg shell planter, recycled or upcycled

Check out this ingenious idea that I saw at a wedding one time (they were the table centerpieces). I found an example of the egg shell planters on the Nebraska Poultry site (I mean, where else would it be…).

The Rabbit album art by Rose PolenzaniRose Polenzani’s recent release, “The Rabbit”, offers a lot of great bluegrass and country and folk and… what more could you want in one record! It comes in an environmentally friendly Digipack which features beautiful artwork by Peter Lalish.

Rose raised the money for the CD by offering advanced copies and special items for those willing to contribute – and it worked! Buy “The Rabbit” here.

Great job, Rose!