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 I may not be able to understand every word, but I am very inspired by this man! He makes dozens of toys from trash. If you have young ones, this can be the source of great fun for them – including building a simple motor for 5 cents (plus the cost of a battery). Gather your toothpicks, bicycle tubes, straws, clothes pins and more…


Anne HeatonIf you haven’t gotten a look at Kickstarter yet, dig in! This great service allows artists, filmmakers, musicians and entrepreneurs to raise money for their projects.

Right now Anne Heaton is raising money for her latest studio album. You can contribute as little as $1 or you can get a signed copy of the album for $25 or contribute $1000 to get multiple copies and your own house concert. What a great way to get involved!

boston charity community servingsSo, I may be taking advantage of a current important news story with this punny title… but, it’s for a good cause. Community Servings is an important organization that helps to feed very ill and homebound people in the Greater Boston area.

This organization did something very creative to help generate pie sales to raise money: they made it into a contest. Pie sellers compete to see who can sell the most pies… and, in the interest of full disclosure, I am one of them. So…

If you live in the Greater Boston area you can buy a pie for $25 to enjoy for Thanksgiving and help me win!

Bjork's latest album biophiliaI should never be surprised when I am surprised by Bjork (confused? stick with me for a second). Once again, the Icelandic songstress has blurred the lines of music, art and technology.* If you have an iPad or an iPhone, Bjork has released an app that is an integral part of Biophilia, her latest album. Navigate the album’s solar system – participate in the songs’ sounds. Play games based on the lyrics. This is a great new place to take music. Thank you, Bjork!

*If you are new to Bjork or have been scared off by her bizarre costumes or behavior, give her another try. Stop thinking of her as just a pop musician. See her as an artist trying to paint with everything – her voice, her hair, her clothes, her instruments…

In this amazing short movie, we meet Solar Demi who lights up dark homes in a poor community using empty soda bottles. That’s right – discarded plastic bottles provide great light for the residents of Sitio Maligaya in the Philippines. This morning we salute Solar Demi for turning trash into the gift of light.

Strandbeest design by Theo Jansen

Strandbeest design sketch by Theo Jansen

Ever since I first saw this guy in a car commercial, I’ve been addicted to his videos! Theo Jansen has constructed beach creatures, called Strandbeests, from electrical tubing and soda bottles. He believes he has designed a new life form. He is teaching them to protect themselves from wind and water and is training them to potentially move sand to fight erosion. Makes my weekend activities seem rather dull…


Rose Polenzani, Cambridge, Somerville, Boston, musician

Rose Polenzani's gets support for her new album online

Some artists are finding a way to use new mediums to raise money for their art. Rose Polenzani is recording her album with a little help from her fans, friends and neighbors. This is essentially a CSA for music. You can contribute to her latest album at three levels, or pre-order the album to support its recording. Great idea!