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recycled lightbulb vase

Hate throwing out lightbulbs? Ever wonder what to do with them? This awesome lightbulb terrarium can be bought on Etsy from EGarden Studio. What a cool way to brighten your office!


egg shell planter, recycled or upcycled

Check out this ingenious idea that I saw at a wedding one time (they were the table centerpieces). I found an example of the egg shell planters on the Nebraska Poultry site (I mean, where else would it be…).

Concrete succulent table

Concrete succulent table from Five Feet From the Moon

I saw a spectacular table from Five Feet From the Moon. I found their website and discovered even more! These tables are made with concrete tops and double as planters with live plants as embedded centerpieces… so cool!

Spoon Lounge from Vivavi

Spoon Lounge from Vivavi

Ever wonder if there is a good use for the weeds that you pull in your garden? This Spoon Lounge by Vivavi uses vines that compete with tree roots for nutrients. Those vines are wrapped around a steel frame. It is eco friendly and it looks pretty darn neat!